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Art direction, design & layout for 'Jamlo Walks', an important, timely, and heartbreaking
picture book about Jamlo Makdam, a migrant worker, and her brave walk back home amidst the nation-wide lockdown in March 2020. Illustrations by Tarique Aziz.

Author: Samina Mishra, April 2021, Puffin, Penguin Random House India


Jamlo Walks. She looks straight at the road ahead.
It is long.
t is March 2020, and twelve-year-old Jamlo Madam, starts walking to her home from the red chili fields. Work has dried up and world has stood still. She walks for days, courageously, in a world that needs to be kind, and equal. In this strong yet sensitive picture book we designed the indoor world of an urban city child, and an outdoor, on-the-road world of Jamlo as contrasting spreads.  Lot of pale summer yellows were consciously chosen and placed against the lockdown blue skies.  Jamlo comes alive in these cinematic and poignant illustrations.

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